Be More Chill

It’s already “one of the most popular new musicals in America,” raves The New York Times. And Forbes declares, “It’s a viral obsession!” Check out the incredible reviews for Be More Chill. 
  • “★★★★! IT’S EASY TO SEE WHY FANS ARE SO ENAMORED. ICONIS’ TUNES, WHICH HAVE EARNED HIM A MAJOR ONLINE FOLLOWING, ARE CHARACTER-DRIVEN AND CATCHY, especially Christine’s quirkily sweet ‘I Love Play Rehearsal,’ destined to become an anthem for high school actors everywhere.” New York Stage Review 
  • “BE MORE CHILL COULDN’T BE HOTTER.” New York Theatre Guide
  • “WHAT’S THAT JOYFUL, ROWDY, ROOF-RAISING NOISE SHAKING THINGS UP ON BROADWAY with the highest decibel count around? It’s Be More Chill a rock-the-house teen musical phenom.” Rolling Stone
  • “A SUBLIMELY SILLY, EXCITING SCI-FI TEEN MUSICAL COMEDY DESERVES A PLACE IN BROADWAY HISTORY. A supercharged piece of popular entertainment. The diverse, big-voiced cast is superb…Stephanie Hsu is adorable…George Salazar stops the show cold.” amNY
  • “WILL ROLAND IS DYNAMIC. STEPHANIE HSU IS BRIGHT, BUBBLY AND FUNNY. JasonSweetTooth Williams also brings a great deal of heart to the show. Iconis’ score really lights up the evening; mature in craft while conveying the musical and verbal vernacular of the show’s young characters. ‘Michael In The Bathroom,’ a finely-crafted emotional shut-down that thus far is the best new theatre song of the season. Be More Chill may be about kids, but it wears serious big boy pants.” BroadwayWorld
  • “NO HEAT LOST AS JOYOUS VIRAL MUSICAL SENSATION FINALLY CHARGES BROADWAY. TENACIOUSLY ENJOYABLE, AMPED UP JUST ENOUGH TO SUIT BROADWAY DEMANDS without swamping the heart and humor that caught everyone’s attention in the first place. Be More Chill deserves ever new audiences, perhaps even those more familiar with plush Broadway seats. They should swallow whatever Be More Chill has to offer.” Deadline

    Wendy Federman & George Salazar celebrating Opening Night of “Be More Chill.”

  • “ZIPPY AND DELIGHTFULLY DEVILISH, ENJOYABLE NOT JUST FOR THEIR ENERGY AND CHARM BUT ALSO FOR THE STREAK OF KNOWING WICKEDNESS RUNNING THROUGH ALL THE POP AND FIZZ. With high-octane music and lyrics by Joe Iconis and a smartly tailored book by Joe Tracz – kept clipping vivaciously along by director Stephen Brackett – Be More Chill has a welcome edge of nastiness to it, a hint of Little Shop of Horrors acidity that’s refreshing in a world full of Superheros.” New York Magazine

Wendy Federman with the star of “Be More Chill” Will Roland

Discover BE MORE CHILL for yourself, and give your life an upgrade. What if popularity came in a pill? Would you take it, no questions asked? In BE MORE CHILL, achieving that elusive “perfect life” is now possible thanks to some mysterious new technology – but it comes at a cost that’s not as easy to swallow. What could possibly go wrong? Blending the contemporary with retro sci-fi, this thrillingly exciting, comically subversive, and deeply felt new musical takes on the competing voices in all of our heads. And ultimately proves, there’s never been a better time in history to be yourself-especially if you’re a loser…geek…or whatever.

Performances at The Lyceum Theatre, 149 West 45th Street, NYC. For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here.
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