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By investing in one of my Broadway shows, you can experience the “buzz” of Broadway and meet the stars of the show at invitation-only events and cast parties. It’s your moment to shine on the red carpet with celebrities for the show’s opening night performance. And it’s an opportunity to network within this world as a true “Broadway insider.” I can give you a personal introduction to the world of theatre along with all of its benefits.

Keep in mind that investing in a Broadway show is not for everyone. This is a high-risk investment; with theatre especially, there are risks and potential rewards, both financial and intangible. Yet if you meet regulated financial qualifications, this could be a unique investment opportunity where, depending on how the production deal is structured, your participation could extend way beyond Broadway including such possibilities as touring and overseas productions. These ancillary rights could offer a continuing stream of a return on an investor’s investment. And even better, you will become an integral member of my Broadway family and be a participant in bringing a theatrical work of art to life that will be enjoyed around the world for many years to come.

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