Investing in Broadway shows  can open you up to a world of personal interaction with Broadway stars, producers, directors, choreographers, and support staff. Through Wendy Federman of Foolish Mortals Productions, you could have access to invitation-only dress rehearsals, cast parties, opening night house seats, help with hotel accommodations, dinner reservations, and more. Isn’t it time you, too, became a “Broadway Insider?”

For more information on becoming part of a Broadway Production, please fill out the contact form below. Please understand that filling out this form simply indicates your interest in learning more about investing in Broadway productions. This is not an invitation or solicitation for an investment, please see Disclaimers. Actual investments can only be made through invitation and presentation of specific operating documents and subscription agreement which would have to be in accordance with Federal and State securities regulations and would then such offering papers would be reviewed and executed after the investor is accepted as a member or partner in the investment vehicle. If you have any questions contact Wendy now.

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