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5 days ago
What does a #Broadway producer actually do? Do you know the answer? Well, @wendy_federman does and you can listen to our convo right now! #CWCW wendy_federman photo
5 days ago
Honored to have been interviewed by RTVi Network,a 24-hour Russian-language television network that serves the US as well as the International Russian-speaking community.
(the posted video is pre translation into Russian) #RTViNetwork #ялюблюБродвей
1 month ago
Intermission at the Opening Night ⁦ @MoulinRougeBway⁩, because we CAN CAN! It is FABULOUS! wendy_federman photo
1 month ago
An honor to be a guest on @SandikleinShow
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Sandi Klein @SandiKleinShow
. @wendy_federman and #Broadway are perfect together perfect as co-producer of 80+ productions w/ 9 @TheTonyAwards under her belt! Tune in TMR AM
2 months ago
*wakes up just after Heath*
That great Corden In The Bathroom skit from last night's Tonys?
That's a parody of "Michael In The Bathroom" by @MrJoeIconis from @BeMoreChill.
It's a great tune!
Now enjoy that skit again w context!