Welcome to Broadway,
the sweet spot in the center of the theatre universe!

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Source: “The Lesson,” https://thelesson.com/

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Wendy Federman and her eight Tony Awards.  Photo by Heather Zwain, The Bergen County Bible

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Over forty theatres are nestled in a twenty block radius that house shows created by critically acclaimed composers and writers, staged by revered directors and brought to life by world-renowned actors. When you take your seats, the lights dim and the curtain rises, do you ever wish that you could be part of the Broadway world?  Well, now is your chance!

My name is Wendy Federman, and I am a well-established and successful nine-time Tony award winning Broadway theatre producer. I will personally mentor you through each step on Broadway’s yellow brick road – revealing the best professional strategies and industry secrets in successfully producing and investing in live theatre.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine… you arrive in the heart of New York City, find yourself standing on the red carpet of a grand Broadway Opening Night performance. As one of the show’s Producers, I will greet you and lead you past the velvet ropes to your exclusive house seats. After an astounding performance, you arrive at the show’s star studded after party where you dance, drink and schmooze with the show’s cast, creatives and many famous celebrities. A fantasy come true…